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Bayan Mix – ‘You just need to love!’

Bayan Mix – a concert in big Vancouver!

Ancient wise men said that everything beautiful was rare. And true values are priceless indeed. We would like to introduce you a unique project Bayan Mix – an instrumental duet famous in Russia and far abroad. The duet is well known in Europe by their vibrant and taking breath away performances. It is unique indeed and there are no rivals on the scene!


A concert “You just need to love!” took place on February 11, 2018 at EVERGREEN THEATRE located in Coquitlam.

“Bayan MIX” had their first performance in Big Vancouver. Musicians represented a show of hit classic and pop compositions, remixes on pop melodies in a techno-pop style. Today every significant concert in Moscow is not to be without absolute world bayan champions Sergey Voytenko and Sergey Kotkov. Musicians’ hits are well known songs such as Chardash, Sirtaki, Hava Nagila, The humblebee’s flight, also melodies from Russian movies and other well-liked songs.


The history of the duet


The duet was launched in 2006 and won popularity very soon. That is not a surprise because we see famous musicians, true aces and just cool guys!

A founder and a leader of the duet is Sergey Voytenko. His numerous titles and regalia impress indeed: a vice-president of the International Association of Bayanists and Accordionists of Russia, an art-director of the international festival “Vivat, bayan!”, an Honored Artist of Russia, a winner of large variety of Russian  and international awards – a Silver Order  for Worship to the Art, a Silver Order of Merit for the Motherland for culture. He is also rewarded by a Medal of the president of Italy for significant progress in artistic performance and he is an ambassador of the Football World Championship 2018 in Russia.


The artistic gift of Sergey Voytenko put a bayan to a new level of perception by the mass audience. This musical instrument started to play an important role in Sergey’s life since he was seven. He was sharpening his skills at a musical school as well as at college and at teachers university. He finished postgraduate studies at the Academy of Music in Russia in 1999. He won 11 international competitions which took place in Italy, Spain, Germany.


Every people has their own special musical instrument. Bayan is rightfully regarded in Russia. The duet “Bayan mix” became a revolution. Their haunting songs thrill audience of all ages and demonstrate endless potential of music played the bayan.


“Bayan mix” is a perfect combination of talent, spirit and instrument. The duet is a unique one indeed!




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