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Boris Sihon – a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist


My friends, I wish to share with you my pleasure and adoration because I’ve met a special person and a talented actor, a multi-instrumentalist musician and a singer, a unique collector and a cosmopolite  BORIS SIHON.


Boris Sihon finished Leningrad academy of music, worked as an actor and a musician in Moscow Jude chamber theatre, also as a solo performer in Nazarov’s folk music band and at “Jeopardy”. Also he worked with a National Theatre of Israel Gabim and with Saint Petersburg Play Actors, lived and performed in France and Germany and played more than fifty countries.


Since 2004 Boris lives in Vancouver with his family. In recent years he has played hundreds of concerts, has taken part in dozens of festivals and has recorded several discs (solo and with the other musicians). Also he has arranged 250 master-classes and meetings with children in Germany, USA, Canada etc. Boris possesses a unique collection of more than 300 instruments from 50 countries of the world.


“I am listening not to the music but to my soul”

Marina Tsvetaeva


We all have met people with an outstanding energetics who charge with positive everything around them. And I know for sure that everyone who came for the meeting at Peretz Center happened to be lucky indeed!

They say from the ancient times that every instrument has a Soul consisting of three elements:

  • A soul of the wood from which an instrument was made
  • A soul of the master who created an instrument
  • A soul of a salesman who treat his or her instruments with care.


When such an instrument is in hands of a talented and sensual master then all those souls become one and there is a miracle happening called Music winning the hearts of audience!


On February 25, 2018 Boris Sihon arranged an art-meeting called “The musical Odyssey” where he truly charmed us all with his almost mystical music and singing. Impressed listeners asked questions and reacted vividly singing all together and even dancing. Children were reacting most positively playing drums and various little exotic instruments during the break. Boris skills impress even when he communicates with children!


There is a young mommy in our community and she has three children. You may say nothing fantastic here and she is not the one. I agree of course. But the youngest son is a special person. After discussing the situation with the doctors and learning plenty of information this mother decided not to solve existing problems all alone but to look around and to see there are many other mommies with such special kids. She got that was easier and better to communicate and to face all the problems together. But that was not enough for her. And our mommy decided to create no less than a ‘Center of development and art for children and teenagers with special needs (disabled persons)’. This strong and wise mother’s name is EKATERINA MOGUTNOVA.


The Odessans club’s moms can’t stay on the sidelines as always. So we would like to draw attention of Russian-speaking community to the Center! At our meeting we introduced to everybody the Center of development and art for children and teenagers with special needs (disabled persons) under the guidance of EKATERINA MOGUTNOVA.


We wish from the deep of our heart strength, patience and Love to Katya because this is what these children need so much! Absolutely every kid got a sweet present from a chief GARRY TARANOV! And we as adults are also grateful for this wonderful meeting to a dentist VIKTOR MOISEEV and an estate agent OLEG TSAREV! We sincerely wish them luck because when such people run a successful business it means our Russian-speaking community will be successful either!

And the Odessans ‘club will be able to introduce to you professionals who live in Vancouver. We thank for the help our constant volunteers – members of the club named  ALIKA SCHASTLIVENKO, INNA SUVOROVA, NIKOLAY KOSIREV and EKATERINA LUISHINA. We also thank all those of you who purchased a ticket and was with us that evening and supported by this the initiative of the Club ‘ Specific help for a specific person’.


Our dear friends! The Odessans ‘club in Vancouver will continue meeting with BORIS SIHON! Those people who didn’t get to the first meeting can come next time and bring their children. You know we are always happy to see you!


See you next time in the literary and music ‘Odessa Club Café’- Vancouver branch of the Worldwide Odessans’ Club!


Tatyana Stafeeva

President of the Club

Goodwill ambassador

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