IQ Battle

What is our life? A game! IQ Battle…


It’s not a secret that life often provides us with opportunities which can change our life completely. The main here is not to be afraid! We do not imagine our life without computers, cell phones, Internet, social media and other blessings of civilization. There is more and more virtual things around but we often want something real, don’t we? Shall we communicate face to face? To discover yourself from different angle? To demonstrate new skills? There is an opinion that every adult is a curious child inside who wants to play and to win with passion. If you wish to take part in a live and vivid show, test your knowledge, find our your potential and to spend time amazingly with friends around you then an intellectual game -quiz IQ Battle is a perfect finding for you.

From now on you have a chance to enrich and vary your free time in a fancy place playing a new intriguing intellectual show.

You may not just rest but to make it hot!

How did we come up with IQ Battle?

Live interaction is becoming a rare nowadays. Live connections are being replaced by virtual ones which means social media, messengers etc. It is nice somehow. But from the other side we will forget soon how it feels to sit around the table, laughing, joking and playing various games (as it was before).

Once creators of the game thought about that. So an idea of IQ Battle appeared. We launch a club of inspired people who tend for live communication, for spending time with pleasure and use. What makes people get closer? Harmony of interests! We bet on curiosity and creativity – two great human features which unite associates. If you ask a question you want to find an answer whether you like it or not.

What is IQ Battle? Fitness for brains and also a chance to turn a fortune wheel for luck!

First of all it’s a game show with positive mood. Imagine that you have a chance to take part in team competitions searching right answers to the questions, to win and to get a valuable prize. All participants need to apply:

  • Logical, substandard and associative thinking
  • Erudition
  • Quick response
  • Supporting team spirit

This game not only develops you from different angles but also creates positive and friendly atmosphere where self-determined and cheerful people become as one.

10 reasons to start playing IQ Battle:

  1. Interesting, useful and educational free time
  2. Stimulation of brain activity
  3. Memory and creativity training
  4. Improves stress resistance
  5. New acquaintances and interaction with each other
  6. Discovery of new personal skills and abilities
  7. Teaching how to say your clues correctly
  8. Improves self-assurance
  9. A great chance to have a tasty dinner at a restaurant and to enjoy ingenious jokes of experienced masters
  10. The coolest thing here you can charge with a positive impulse and take it home

About the game:

The game lasts about two hours, smoot and easy, ‘in one breath’. Time is limited by 5 rounds with 10 questions which are displayed at a big monitor and read out aloud by masters. A team is discussing possible answers for 30-60 seconds. Teams answers are scored by counting gained points.

It is no chance to repeat or to pass questions. Even masters see questions for the first time before the game. Everything must be fair and reasonable.

As masters with huge experience we will take care every evening is splendid! It is worth doing. You may become a winner and to get a valuable prize. Even if that’s not to happen you will win anyway – we know how to make it.

All necessary information including the game rules you can obtain here:  or by phone: 778-895-36-25

Call us. Play. Dare. This is your chance.

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