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Voice band “Not expected”

Once in spring 1993 in polar Murmansk city a group of high school boys and girls created a band with an unusual name “Not expected”. They thought of such a name not at once but in about three years. They wanted something special that reflected their search in melodious art, new forms and styles. Not everyone approved this name but after some time people got used to it and remembered the band by its uniqueness.

Those were five key members of the band who arrived in Vancouver. We came right to the chorus gallery of Saint Nicholas Church because we know how to do all those things. In a year we showed up for the first time on a big concert marking the Day of Russia.

We found two wonderful girls in Vancouver who joined us. It is not an easy thing to become a part of “Not expected” because there is a unique kind of relations, special demands for performance, learning, presentation of songs, internal discipline of the band. Anya Perminova and Vika Gundareva meet all the demands perfectly.

Before move to Canada, the repertoire of the band included more than 100 compositions. That means early and contemporary Russian music, popular and jazz songs, spirituals, classic creations, folk songs in English, Norwegian, Italian, German, Ukrainian languages. Now we are restoring this repertoire with new members. We need to say that first of all we sing what we like, what touches our souls.

Because here in immigration we all have to try a new life, to learn new professions and new reality. But the band isn’t getting lost in life routine and we sing in the Church every week as before, take part in various projects. Also we gave three solo concerts.

It is touching to see plenty of dedicated people in the hall who come to us to listen to the music in their hearts and to understand it still sounds no matter everyday problems and hardships of immigration. We sing for the people who search not fun but thinking, inner observation and harmony.

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